Daisy Donovan

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Daisy rose to fame as the irreverent presenter and interviewer on Channel 4’s The Eleven O’Clock Show. She started working on the show as a researcher when she was spotted by the producers as an emerging comedy talent. She appeared as a spoof I.T. girl, moving on to co-present alongside Iain Lee and moonlighting as The Angel of Delight, let loose on the nation’s politicians.

She recently filmed an authored documentary series for Channel 4 entitled The Greatest Shows on Earth. In this four-part series, Daisy got to grips with some of the most popular television shows on the planet to find out what makes some very different cultures tick.

Nominated for Best Female Newcomer at the 1999 UK Comedy Awards, Daisy went on to host Channel 4’s satirical quiz show Does Doug Know? She then wrote and produced the documentary series Daisy Daisy where she infiltrated bizarre corners of society. She took her buttock-clenching brand of humour to the US in Daisy Does America, a series which was produced by Courtney Cox-Arquette. Daisy has immersed herself in the worlds of millionaires, rappers, motivational speakers, beauty pageant queens, pimps and heavy metal rock bands.

Daisy is also an accomplished and prolific actress with stage and screen roles including Debbie Isett’s The Woman who Cooked her Husband, the BBC1 comedy series My Family, Danny Boyle’s critically acclaimed feature film Millions and Frank Oz’s Death at a Funeral.