Flanders and Swann

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Available for corporate cabaret, is a specially tailored version of Tim FitzHigham’s international hit show Flanders and Swann: At the Drop of a Hippopotamus. All the favourite songs are there – Mud, Mud Glorious Mud (The Hippopotamus Song), The Gnu Song, Madeira M’Dear, The Gasman Cometh, and more.

With sell-out UK tours, international tours, three sell-out years at the Edinburgh Festival and a sell-out live album this ‘Rolls Royce of Flanders and Swann shows, has been made Critic’s Choice in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, and The Evening Standard.

They have supped the red stuff from Michael Flanders famed Maderia decanter and played the tunes on Donald Swann’s very own piano before unleashing this life-affirming, spirit boosting, gloriously, splendidly silly mix of fabulous song and jovial banter that is the perfect affectionate tribute to the Masters of 1950’s and 1960’s mud, madness and mayhem Michael Flanders and Donald Swann. The biggest live stars Britain produced in the late 1950’s, together the musical pair toured the globe bringing laughter and song to millions with songs that have now become legend. Now the legend is back for your event…

To view a clip, please click here: http://flandersandswann.info/video.php

Wallowing in a Muddy Marvelous Revival, whippersnappers Tim FitzHigham and Duncan Walsh Atkins are flying the flag with this winning celebration. The songs remain masterfully comic compositions…if you think Eminem is the last word in lyrical dexterity listen to FitzHigham a younger, sexier Richard Stilgoe for admirers of cabaret with impeccable manners these Swann songs certainly fit the bill


Astute wit and ingenuous wordplay – a great British tradition


Marvelous. One enchanted evening


Such energy and relish…Well worth seeing


Chaps don’t have to play rugger any more and Nigel Molesworth’s “gurls” are running the show but there’s still plenty of vim in the songs of Flanders and Swann