Kevin McCloud

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Kevin McCloud is best known for the internationally acclaimed series Grand Designs, which has been running on Britain’s Channel 4 for 15 years. It is now shown around the world, and the accompanying magazine and Grand Designs Live exhibitions reach an ever bigger audience each year. In 2015, Grand Designs was awarded the BAFTA for Best Feature.

Kevin’s other TV work includes two series of Man Made Home, in which he explored his fascination with sustainable living by constructing his own fantasy wooden dwelling place.He wrote and presented his four- hour ‘Grand Tour of Europe’ in 2009 and spent two and a half weeks in the slums of Mumbai for Channel 4’s 2010 India season. A recent special, Kevin’s Supersized Salvage, saw him challenging a team of designers to strip down an entire aircraft destined for landfill and remake it into saleable designer objects. He has recently filmed Kevin McCloud’s Escape To the Wild, a new series for Channel 4 that will Kevin uncover the incredible stories of ordinary people who have abandoned the rat race and chosen instead to move to some of the most remote places on earth.

Kevin champions sustainable development, context, the historic environment and ecological construction. He believes that the best design, whether traditional or radically modern, relates to context: landscape, place and neighbouring buildings. This is a philosophy developed through the work of his development company Hab, founded in 2006, which is now building homes and facilitating communities towards a One Planet Living way of life.

When not filming, Kevin writes and occasionally still designs products. He has designed lighting for some of the finest buildings in Europe, including Ely Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle, as well as contemporary ranges of consumer product for British retailers and manufacturers. His books cover subjects as diverse as construction, architecture, colour, lighting.

Mainly for getting rid of the capital A from architecture Kevin was awarded two honorary doctorates in 2005, from Plymouth and Oxford Brookes. He is a recalcitrant patron of several architectural and sustainable charities, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Foresters, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a WWF Ambassador. His two ambitions remain to entertain and to make the built environment better – and consequently make people feel better.

Kevin McCloud is available for a wide range of corporate engagements, ranging from awards hosting and conference moderating, to after-dinner speaking. Kevin is the face of Grand Designs Live and has chaired and hosted many corporate events, including The RICS Awards, The RIBA Awards, the Aberdeen Sustainable Construction Conference, Bristol Planning Law and Policy Conference, The Northwest Property Awards, The Manchester Evening News Awards, and The Edinburgh Quatermile Launch.

Twitter @Kevin_McCloud

Further to the resounding successes of the event, and on behalf of the team, I would like to express our thanks for your own kind contribution on the day. We have been delighted with the achievements across the show, and in particular with the part your conference played in ensuring a lively, interactive, thought-provoking and informative experience.


The event was a complete success; nothing but fantastic and positive feedback. Having Kevin there, presenting his expertly well constructed view of Rome in architecture and how it has influenced other buildings worldwide, was a highlight for many. It was a great way to kick off this event. Not only that but Alex and he hit it off which made it easy to create the final presentation piece. Again, many thanks!


Kevin was brilliant, absolutely charming to everyone he met?and his speech was just right, amusing but also plenty of serious content, discursive but never off point and generally highly entertaining