Louis Theroux

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Louis Theroux is a genre-defining documentary presenter best known for producing immersive documentaries that explore the controversial and complex aspects of the human condition.

Using a gentle questioning style and an informal approach, Louis has shone light on intriguing beliefs, behaviours, and institutions by getting to know the people at the heart of them – from the officers and inmates at San Quentin prison to the extreme believers of the Westboro Baptist Church; from male porn performers in California to young women with eating disorders in London.

Louis graduated from Oxford in 1991 and got his break in television in 1994 working for the American documentary maker Michael Moore, who hired him as a writer and correspondent on his show, TV Nation.  He then went on to make the BAFTA-winning series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…, and a series of award-winning specials including The Most Hated Family in America, Miami Mega Jail, Altered States and the feature-length documentary, My Scientology Movie. 

Over the years, Louis has kept true to a way of working that is uniquely his own: by charming his subjects, he’s able to offer rounded portraits of the people involved in complex social issues and human dilemmas, while always resisting easy judgements.

Louis has won numerous awards, including three BAFTAs, an RTS award, and Grierson’s Trustees’ Award.

Website: louistheroux.com

Twitter: @louistheroux

Instagram: @officiallouistheroux

Louis was absolutely brilliant…extremely engaging of course, but also engaged in the topics discussed! Open to any questions, very funny and a complete hit with the audience! Not sure how we top it next year!!

Fireside chat for Ignition Technology 2022

I don’t really have words, well maybe one – AMAZING!!! It was an absolute pleasure and delight to have Louis with us and everyone was so excited and it was rammed – had to use security to get him out quick. He is such a sport and was happy to get into the spirit of it all – people were talking about his rap all day. Thank you for helping us organise!

Media and Production Show 2022

A heartfelt thank you for your engagement, thoughtfulness and humour in our ‘interview’ today. The feedback from the Dropbox EMEA organisation has been phenomenal with every single piece of feedback saying how much people enjoyed our time together and that we couldn’t have had a better and more engaged guest. I truly appreciate the way you were thoroughly engaged and super honest in your answers and thoughts.

Simon Aldous, Global Head of Channels at Dropbox

Louis was fabulous

Aitch Group Private Celebration