Mehreen Baig

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Mehreen Baig is an activist and blogger who is on a mission to give a voice to young British Asian women.

Mehreen’s writing has often covered subjects surrounding Asian women that have been considered taboo. As a result she has featured in coverage by the BBC, The Telegraph and The Observer.

Last year Mehreen took part in BBC 2’s BAFTAwinning documentary Muslims Like Us, which followed a diverse group of Muslims living together in a house. On the back of her breakthrough appearance in that programme, Mehreen was widely interviewed and was invited to speak at conferences around the world including The Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi. As well as this, she has presented a segment for The One Show (BBC1) where she explored the rise in Muslim women learning self-defence. She then went on to make a passionate speech when collecting the award for Reality & Constructed Factual at the BAFTAs.

Mehreen has worked as an English teacher in a North London secondary school since graduating from the Institute of Education and was the youngest member of staff to be promoted to a senior role within her first five years. She is passionate about education and empowering young women.

Mehreen Baig is available for motivation and inspirational speaking, women’s events, personal appearances and brand campaigns.
For more information about Mehreen Baig, visit her website
Follow her on Twitter @thequeenmehreen.