Phil Burgers

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Phil Burgers created the internationally-acclaimed clown, Dr Brown. As a clowning teacher, Burgers applies some of the methodology he used to become a multi-award winning silent comedian to other professional disciplines in order similarly to harness success.

In his creativity workshop there are two main purposes:

  1. to promote teamwork, comfort and trust amongst our colleagues;
  2. to unleash the creative potential of each individual taking part through acts of impulse.

As professionals we often focus on trying to be good; focussing our efforts on doing what we perceive to be the right thing in order to please ourselves and others. As human beings, when we feel like we have got things wrong we feel bad and want to escape that negative feeling, but this fear and avoidance of failure restricts our creative potential. It stops us taking risks and thinking outside the box because we are too fixated on what others may think is the right answer or the right way.

Our pre-occupation with how people will receive our ideas inhibits our creative output.

The clown, however, is comfortable with not getting things right. The clown accepts that feeling of vulnerability when it gets something wrong in front of others. And, as a result, the clown has complete freedom to be creative, innovative and unleash all of its potential.

So the workshop invokes the spirit of the clown. Many of the exercises in the workshop embrace, encourage and demand acts of impulsiveness and, in doing so, combat the doubt that shackles us from thinking outside the box. By taking the group through various exercises to break down their creative tethers, we inspire confidence with humility.

And going through this, sometimes exposing, experience with our colleagues we foster trust, empathy and support as a group as well as individually.

What you can expect from the workshop:

Phil can work with groups of between 5 – 30 people and a workshop can run from 1 day to 5 days depending on your requirements.

Focus within the exercises can be placed on the following depending on your requirements:

– Breaking down defences and existing role boundaries

– Trust building and team bonding

–┬áRecognising and accepting vulnerability

– Releasing creative potential

– Fostering impulsive thoughts

– Readjusting team dynamic / team routines for positive changes

– Breaking down blocks and barriers on public speaking / performance

More about Phil:

Phil trained at the world renowned Philippe Gaulier Clown School in Paris and is an instructor and actor.

Phill Burgers has worked with some of the top comedy and stage performers in the UK, including Simon Amstell and Sacha Baron Cohen.? He has also worked with a number of large organisations, BBC, Channel 4, to provide in house corporate workshops for staff.