Zoe Laughlin

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Dr Zoe Laughlin is an artist, engineer, material scientist and broadcaster, she is co-founder and director of the institute of making at University College London. Her mission is to explore all aspects of how things are made, what they are made out of and how these materials have changed the world. Zoe’s work is all about the art, craft, science and engineering of ‘stuff’.

She became the first resident scientist conducting experiments with Holly and Phil on ITV’s This Morning. She also features in two new C4 series, Engineering Reborn and Superfactories. Her series How To Make (BBC4) saw her attempt to create her own everyday items from scratch, and she attempted to make Tudor fireworks in Lucy Worsley’s Fireworks for a Tudor Queen. On The Big Life Fix (BBC2) Zoe created ingenious new solutions to everyday problems and life-changing solutions for people in desperate need. In the RTS-nominated The Secret Life of Landfill Zoe chronicled the history of rubbish and went on to co-host The Secret Life of Sewage. Zoe loves food and is a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet. Zoe joined James Acaster and Guz Khan for Sky’s one-off Christmas Special The Unofficial Science of Home Alone where they recreated the film’s infamous stunts.

Zoe appears regularly at science and arts festivals. She is a trustee of the Crafts Council and works with Speakers 4 Schools.

When she’s not making and inventing, Zoe is a successful amateur poker player and less successful electric guitarist.

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Twitter @zoelaughlin 

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